About ElectriKarma

ElectriKarma is a group of artists, musicians, and filmmakers inviting you to be part of the artistic process.  We’ll be bringing you resources to enjoy, participate in, and act on.  We want you to be able to become a Patron of the Arts from inception onwards and we seek to connect Artist with Appreciator.  This is your opportunity to directly support the arts you love most and allow those artists to continue to share their talents.

This site is meant to bring together artists who share a similar ideal of connecting with their audience in new ways.  We’ll direct you to their websites and auxiliary websites (facebook, twitter, etc.) so you can follow their work. 

Most importantly, we hope you find a new artist or two you didn’t know about previously and decide to support them, whether it be by purchasing their work or making a donation directly to them to allow them to continue their work.

We’ll stop typing now so you can CLICK and EXPLORE!

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